Good morning world! Use your power, Do that for her 👍💯 (at Indiana/Illinois Border)

Definitely got live in Chicago w my G @party_wit_meezee #beestrohdontstop (at North Branch Chicago River)

at Chicago Downtown

Make sure you check for @adrianmarcel in a city near you we out chea #beestrohdontstop (at Adoba Hotel Dearborn Detroit)

We had Detroit ladies too turnt tonight appreciate the love👍 @adrianmarcel @beestroh @princetonparks @duprano @fancyyancey #beestrohdontstop (at Detroit Downtown)

at Comerica Park

Good morning world! It ain’t nothin, cut that “T” off! (at Chicago Bound-I94 West)

Good morning world! Can’t is a word used when you’ve run out of excuses. Remember, “it ain’t nothin to cut that at off” no surrender, no retreat! You CAN (at Illinois / Indiana State Line)

Think first…always. 💯